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    From Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio's Home Page

    My main research interests revolve around the theory and application of combinatorial structures. I have also done some work on number theory. Information on current and past projects I have been involved can be found in my current research statement.

    Should you be after my citations, please look at my Google Scholar Citations.

    Below you will find links to complete lists of my publications and talks, and detailed proofs (not necessarily new) of some old results.

    Publications and Talks

    Complete lists of my publications and talks are available, each including pdf files of some documents. Please feel free to ask for additional electronic copies of papers or talks to be added to these lists.

    Proofs of Some Old Results

    Disclaimer: Here you will find proofs I have written of results by other people. These proofs are in draft form, and new ideas to make them more readable are welcome.

    When writing the proofs, my intention was to unveil some hidden details found in the original manuscripts (at least for me), and ultimately to understand the proofs. All this material was created for my personal use and is now made public in the hope that it will be useful for others.

    • Classification of graphs of maximum degree Δ, diameter 2, and cyclic defect. The original manuscript was: S. Fajtlowicz, Graphs of diameter 2 with cyclic defect, Colloquium Mathematicum 51 (1987), 103-106. Pdf
    • Partial classification of Moore bipartite graphs. The original manuscripts were: W. Feit and G. Higman, The nonexistence of certain generalized polygons, Journal of Algebra, 1 (1964), 114-131, and R. C. Singleton, On minimal regular graphs of maximum even girth, Journal of Combinatorial Theory 1 (1966), 306-332. Pdf